A New Beginning

We always welcome a new year in, like second nature, but we often avoid welcoming in the change that benefits us directly (for many reasons as we know). The world as we know it does not offer much in the way of a pause button (we all could do with that remote from, Click) which can be a major issue for many of us humans, especially since Covid times which is a concern.

The change required is often mental and physical but starting with the mental gives you a higher success rate of consistency required to see a change, regardless of the goal in mind i.e mediate more for improved stress levels.

This as we know is not an easy task which is why we would like to shed light on the options available to you in order to “level up” this 2022 and no this wont be a 2020 2, we have you covered.

The methodology behind prevention is better than cure is something we believe in greatly which is why you will be seeing a range of products to not only optimise and improve but provide preventive measures for great mental and physical heath for the whole family, yes you read correctly the whole family.

Meet The Magicians

We would like to thank all of our industry leading suppliers for their support, it is thanks to these special people and their passion for healing that this has been possible.

Meet the leaders behind the relationship between Magic and Healing :

NVJ is a company dedicated to providing high quality products at the best prices and ensuring that we consult in an effective and efficient manner, while always putting our customers first.

Aether Herbalist & Apothecary was founded in 2017 by Cullen and Ricky-Anne with the intent to expand the everyday use of herbal and mushroom medicines in South Africa. We are a proudly Vegan company and the quality and ethics used in the production of our medicines are of huge importance. This is why we utilise almost 80% locally grown herbs and mushrooms, and even wild harvest from pristine natural habitats. We also do all of our extracts in-house which ensures that each bottle is made with only the highest quality standards in mind.

I had been practising as a dietitian and nutritionist for 35 Years. I thought I knew what it meant to struggle, until I walked alongside my husband in his suffering. I poured all my resources and my knowledge into his healing, not holding back in the fields of allopathic and alternative medicine. When he died, I was a shadow of myself. To go to the shops to buy a loaf of bread was too much to face. Mental and physical exhaustion had totalled me. It took months for me to regain some energy as I was in complete adrenal exhaustion.

It has taken me years to recover. To this day, I need to carefully monitor my stress levels and ensure that I boost myself nutritionally in order to keep myself from sinking into paralysing anxiety and depression. But this experience has served me well. When I listen to my patients, I listen with the ear of my heart and the eye of my mind.

Ingredients for the recipe of success

Attitude of Gratitude Continues

A big thank you to all our suppliers aiding in our mission to spread health and wellness through Apothecary – Where Magic & Healing Meet!

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