Apothecary Appreciation

It is with a grateful heart that we find ourselves here, we are eternally grateful to our loyal Apothecary family!

The Apothecary seed was planted and it is with your light and love that we find ourselves growing at a rate the world is not used to witnessing.

You have all given without restraint and our gratitude cannot be expressed enough, which is why we were driven to give back wholeheartedly.

Apothecary is where Magic & Healing meet – although nature offers the most magic & healing, it is you, the Apothecary family that has made this possible.

We asked ourselves how to give back and the answer was simple, give you a taste of the Magic & Healing on offer all thanks to our beautiful family.

Healing starts internally and that was the gift we wanted to give, healing from the inside out.

Where Magic & Healing Meet

Attitude of Gratitude

We would like to thank all of our industry leading suppliers for their support, it is thanks to these special people and their passion for healing that this has been possible.

Meet the leaders behind the relationship between Magic and Healing :

Operating out of South Africa for the past 5 years, Elixinol has been instrumental in developing legal and educational support for the local Hemp and CBD industry.

We ensure our products are of the cleanest and highest quality to ensure the safe delivery of all the benefits of Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp extracts, in an easy-to-digest formula.

Through the use of Supercritical CO2 extraction, rigorous testing, and specialized delivery methods, Elixinol is here to reassure you that our products are setting the benchmark in the CBD hemp industry,


Aether Herbalist & Apothecary was founded in 2017 by Cullen and Ricky-Anne with the intent to expand the everyday use of herbal and mushroom medicines in South Africa. We are a proudly Vegan company and the quality and ethics used in the production of our medicines are of huge importance. This is why we utilise almost 80% locally grown herbs and mushrooms, and even wild harvest from pristine natural habitats. We also do all of our extracts in-house which ensures that each bottle is made with only the highest quality standards in mind.


The times are changing in South Africa and the Cannabis Industry is gaining exciting traction as well as showing impressive and promising developments.

For this reason, the Team at Mary Jane Inc. Distribution couldn’t be more excited to be making a name for our dynamic, competitive and unique brand!

We’re constantly creating and incorporating new and intriguing products to our range to bring you the newest, dopest and most fun and exciting goods for your Canna-Loving-Lifestyle. 

This is Mary Jane Inc. and we look forward to enhancing your 420 vibes…

Attitude of Gratitude Continues

We will be spreading the Magic & Healing this December with the 12 days of Christmas so be sure to like and follow on our socials to be part of the Magic that is Christmas, the kind acts of giving

Apothecary CBD - Where Magic & Healing Meet

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Apothecary CBD - Where Magic & Healing Meet

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