Puppy's Heaven

There was a lonely, hungry, and tired dog at the Buzz Shopping Center in Douglasdale Sandton on a wet, cold day. It seemed like life had treated him quite badly and he had been abandoned by his previous owners. He walked aimlessly about the center, hoping for better days to come. However, this story is about to be transformed into an incredible tale of love, magic and healing.

A girl filled with wonder and love went to The Buzz Shopping Center to grab a few goodies for the weekend. Their favorite stores were their next stop and they found the best things for her and her brothers. A sad lonely dog suddenly appeared at her corner of her eye as she walked to her mother’s car…

The lonely dog looked at the girl of wonder and instantly there was a connection. The girls heart melted and the dogs heart filled with joy. The girl could not help her overwhelming emotions. She dropped her bags and ran she did towards the dog. This was unusual for the lonely dog as been ignored is what he was accustomed to. As the girl and dog met for the first time, magic begun.

As the girl ran by people, cars and guards at The Buzz Shopping Center to get to the dog, a man noticed the child and grew concerned about her safety. After all, the dog was a stray. The man thought that he might bite the girl or run away if he was scared of people.

The man decided to intervene before the girl got too close to the dog, and said: “Little girl, what seems to be the matter? Where are you running to?”

The girl stopped in her tracks, caught her breath and said, “Hi sir! The dog, don’t you see it? I’m off to help him!”

Man: “Ahh you have such a beautiful spirit, but you can’t just approach a dog like that!”

Girl: “But I want to help him! Don’t you see he has been abandoned? I just want to help.”

Man: “Take me to your parents; I have an idea. My name is Ross, by the way.”

Girl: “Okay, follow me!”

Ross met with the girl’s mum and brother, and he invited them over to his shop called Apothecary at The Buzz Shopping center.

“The girl, her mom, her brothers and Ross entered the magic shop called Apothecary. The shop was full of magic and healing.

Ross told the family, “”Okay, we’re going to help you with your dream of helping this dog and others like him. I know a dog shelter not too far from here. Let’s contact them and tell them about the dog we just saw – they might be able to help.”” Both the girl and her family were happy with this. Ross then picked up the phone and called his friends at the dog shelter. The girl listened as they spoke, waiting an anticipation for their arrival.

“A woman named Rosemary and a man named Thomas entered The Buzz Shopping center and greeted everyone. Ross and the girl went on the explain. Rosemary spoke to all of them about how Thomas, herself and the rest of the team back at the shelter does their best to help as many dogs as possible. However, recently due to COVID and many people having a hard time and cannot support the shelter. The girl and Ross felt such distress, would they be able to take the dog in, would they be able to help? The room was quite but out of nowhere the girl exclaimed, “”I’ve got it, I have an idea, an idea that would not only help the dog outside, but all the dogs back at the shelter.”

“Mama, Mama” the girl shouted, “”Do you remember grans family recipe for the ginger bread house?””

“Why don’t we make that and sell it here at Apothecary. Whatever it makes can go towards helping Uncle Thomas and Aunt Rosemary, what do you think Mama, What do you think?

Please say yes!!!

The girls mums eye fulled with tears as she remembered how her mum and her used to make those gingerbread houses over Christmas, and now that she would be making it with her daughter moved her with emotion. She breathed in deeply, gave a small smirk and nodded her head and softly said, “”of course my dear, anything to help”

The little girl and her family then returned to The Buzz Shopping Center to buy all of the ingredients they would need to make the famous gingerbread houses. When they returned home, they decided to make two different versions of gingerbread houses.

A ready-to-eat version was the first type, whereas a make-it-at-home version was the second. Since it is the season for families to spend time together, the girls’ mother wanted to have families work together in the kitchen as well as make memories together.

Apothecary had its first batch delivered before they knew it. The little girl was surprised to see a long line of people waiting outside the doors as she entered. Where did they come from? How did everyone know?

“They’re all waiting for you,” Ross told the girl, looking at the girl in excitement.

What the little girl didn’t realize was that Apothecary wanted to do more than just let the girl display the gingerbread house to raise money; they wanted to ensure it was a success. To share love, magic, and healing they asked a story teller to share the story of the girl and her plan.

The orders rolled in!!!

The Apothecary team was contacted across various channels and the word had spread about what they were doing. You see, good works never go unnoticed. The girl, her family and everyone at Apothecary was extremely happy with how things turned out. It was an amazing experience for the little girl turning love into something magical.

She then went to the haven to check on the lonely dog and realized she had spent so much time trying to get donations and generate awareness just to give the lonely dog a home that she had become distracted by it all.

She walked in and saw the lonely dog was not there, her heart sank, what could have happened?


The girl saw an empty cage.

“What! Wait, sorry – where is the dog that was picked up from the Buzz Shopping Center?”

Rosemary laughed and said, “Oh little girl, you have no idea what you’ve done. Your kindness has brought so much attention to our little haven that so many of our dogs were adopted by new, loving homes.”

She was overjoyed that the lonely dog and so many others like him could enjoy a happy life.

That is the story of a little girl, kindness, and magic.

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